2009/2010 Report in the News

See media coverage of the January 2010 launch of the Shrinking Costs of War.

English language media

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Also published in additional media outlets, including:

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Also published in additional media outlets, including:

The Associated Press. "Report Says War Waning in Muslim World." The Washington Post, 2 December 2010.
Also published in over 100 additional media outlets, including:

Deutsche-Presse Agentur. "Study: New Conflicts Are Shorter, Less Deadly." Earth Times, 2 December 2010.
Also published in additional media outlets, including:

Simon Fraser University, "Study: Trends Show Reduced Risk of War," 2 December 2010.

United Nations Department of Public Information, "Press Conference on 2009/2010 Human Security Report," 2 December 2010.

German language media

Deutsche-Presse Agentur. "Mehr Länder im Krieg, aber weniger Opfer (More countries at war, but fewer victims)." Westfälische Nachrichten, 3 December 2010.
Also published in additional media outlets, including:

French language media

The Associated Press. "Les conflits armés dans les pays musulmans ont diminué depuis 20 ans (Armed conflict in Muslim countries has declined for 20 years)." MSN Actualités, 2 December 2010.
Also published in additional media outlets, including:

Italian language media

Robecco, Valeria. "Onu: Guerre in calo del 78% negli ultimi 20 anni (UN: War down 78% in the last 20 years)." Quotidiano.net, 2 December 2010.

Spanish language media

EFE Spanish News Agency, "El riesgo de nuevas guerras cae por globalización y democracia, según informe (The Risk of New Wars, Globalization and Democracy Drops, Report Says)," 2 December 2010.
Also published in additional media outlets, including:


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Also reprinted in additional blogs, including:

Seguridad en Perspectiva. "Reporte sobre seguridad humana 2009-2010," 3 December 2010.

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Also published in additional media outlets, including: