HSRP in the News

The Human Security Report Project (HSRP)’s publications have received considerable attention in the international media with coverage in more than 50 countries and some 20 different languages. Stories citing the HSRP and its research are organized by publication.

OpEds by HSRP staff have appeared in news outlets around the world including the Washington Post, the International Herald Tribune, Haaretz, the Canberra Times, the Korea Herald, openDemocracy, and the Globe and Mail.


Human Security Report 2012

Lauren Wolfe of Women Under Siege writes in: Rape in War: Are We Getting it Wrong?, that:
"There are many reasons I think you should read the report [...]. It is a call to arms for us to recognize that we must look closely at what is happening to women so we can better understand it. It is ultimately, as Seay puts it, 'a call for smarter policy.' This is exactly why WMC’s Women Under Siege exists [...]."


human security report 2009/2010

Human Security Report 2009/2010

In an article on the World Politics Review, Thomas Barnett writes:
"[The Human Security Report 2009/2010] marshals a ton of solid data that proves our world is less violent than even and that it has 'become far less insecure over the past 20 years.'"

2007 - human security brief

Human Security Brief 2007

In The Only Thing We Have to Fear... Fareed Zakaria writes:

“[F]inally we have a well-researched, independent analysis of the data relating to terrorism, released last week by Canada's Simon Fraser University. Its findings will surprise you.”


2006 - human security brief

Human Security Brief 2006

“After decades as the world's most violent region, sub-Saharan Africa has lost that unwanted title and is finding peace.”

2005 - Human Security report

Human Security Report 2005

“Armed conflicts in the 21st century are less deadly than they have been at any time in the past 55 years, according to a three-year survey on warfare and violence.”

OpEds-Opinion Articles


In Peace on Earth? Increasingly, Yes Andrew Mack writes:

“[S]ince the end of the Cold War, armed conflict and nearly all other forms of political violence have decreased. The world is far more peaceful than it was.”